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​Why do we need the MAS?​

(From the MAS Administration Guide)

The Functional Approach

"Despite all of our best efforts, a large number of people who have severe disabilities continue to display serious and disruptive behavior problems...
All of us would prefer to use only positive treatments for these behavior problems... [M]ost people involved in this field today recommend that a functional analysis be carried out Read More....

Practical Problems
"Several problems come up when trying to discover why someone is misbehaving using a functional analysis Read More....


"We have developed the Motivation Assessment Scale (MAS) as an additional way to find out why people’s problem behaviors persist Read More...

Research on the MAS

"One question that is often asked when discussing the Motivation Assessment Scale has to do with its necessity. Would simply asking teachers, parents, or others Read More...

Frequently Asked Questions

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About the Authors

V. Mark Durand, Ph.D.

V. Mark Durand, Ph.D. is known worldwide as an authority in the area of autism spectrum disorders. He is a professor of psychology at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg Read More...

Daniel Crimmins, Ph.D.

Daniel Crimmins, Ph.D. is the Director of the University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities program (UCEDD) at Georgia State University in Atlanta.  He also is a Professor in the Institute of Public Health.  Read More...


About the MAS

Our MAS Products
The MAS on Paper

*Available in English and Spanish language versions*

Two software versions

*available in English language only*





      MASSoftware Professional              MASnet for internet convenience

MASSoftware Professional

MASSoftware Professional (MAS Pro) is the most comprehensive electronically enhanced version of the Motivation Assessment Scale.


The MASnet allows the practitioner to complete the MAS from any web browser; combining the convenience of MASSoftware with the accessibility of the web.  The MASnet offers most, but not all, of the same features as MASSoftware Professional. See our Product Comparison table on our web store.​

Why Motivation Assessment Scale Software?​

For best results, the authors recommend administering several scales (to multiple raters and/or in multiple settings) to evaluate a single problem behavior. Software versions of the MAS provide quick professional assistance in combining and analyzing scale results, assistance in creating reports, a convenient way to store data, and other features.