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Frequently Asked Questions

Who typically uses MAS software products?

Psychologists, teachers, school psychologists, and others who respond to problem behavior.​

What is the Cost of MAS Software?

Cost varies depending on the product, and on the number of users for the product. Please contact our sales staff for an estimate. Software licenses are sold on an annually renewable basis.

How does MAS Software provide security and confidentiality?


MASSoftware Professional is password protected. Your local MASSoftware Professional administrator can set up user accounts so that users may see only scales that are assigned to them. Raters who log in to MASSoftare Professional on a rater account will have access only to uncompleted scales assigned to them. MASSoftware Professional supports the use of identifying codes when communicating about a consumer.
iMAS is password protected. A site with multiple users may have an administrative level, allowing access to all scales completed at that site, and an individual user level which allows access only to scales completed by the individual user.

What are the technical specifications?

MASSoftware Professional is a Windows applications, and will run on any Windows PC. Initial installation of MASSoftware Professional requires less than 50MB of disc space.
iMAS is hosted by Monaco & Associates and does not require any installation. It will run on any standard internet browser. It has been extensively tested on Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Is technical support provided?

Technical support for MASSoftware products is available free of charge. Bug fixes of our current generation of software, should any be discovered, receive our immediate attention and are provided free of charge.

Can I get user training?

MASSoftware products generally require little or no training. The software comes with an online Help file, which provides help in both using the software and interpreting the results. Users needing further help may call or email our technical support staff.

Unauthorized Duplication

The Motivation Assessment Scale is a copyrighted work and is, therefore, protected by United States law and international agreements. Unauthorized duplication of the Motivation Assessment Scale is strictly prohibited and punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.
Unauthorized duplication includes, but is not limited to, making facsimile copies of the printed scale or using MASSoftware products to print copies of the scale in excess of those needed to allow raters to complete scales.

Can I try out the Software?

You may order a free 7-day trial of iMAS or 14-day trial MASSoftware Professional here.