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Our Featured Products

Motivation Assessment Scale

  • Powerful tool to respond effectively to behavior
  • Quickly assess motivation, a function of problem behavior
  • Improve Positive Behavioral Interventions
  • Research-based, tested, and validated
  • Easy to administer in educational and institutional settings
  • Used by psychologists and teachers since 1988

The Motivation Assessment Scale (MAS) is designed to help with a language impaired person’s problem behaviors. An understanding of the person’s motivations becomes a guide for interventions such as restructuring the environment or teaching that person skills for fulfilling personal needs in a more effective and productive way. The emphasis is on understanding, respecting and facilitating the person successfully negotiating the environment.


Training DVD's 

Training for Staff Development

  • Two series: Basic Concepts and Basic Concepts II
  • DVD's may be ordered singly or, more economically, as an entire series.
  • Training manuals and competency tests are included with each film.


EC3 Human Services Software

EC3 Software is designed for people who help others

  • Case Managers
  • Residential Providers
  • Other Service Providers

Originally released in 1995 as EnCompass, EC3 is person-centered planning software, allowing the user to coordinate services, create custom document templates, create and track changes to consumer information (such as incident reports, notes, and planning documents), perform data analysis, and much more! EC3 is designed to allow you to quickly access and organize important information about people receiving your services, to develop plans, and to assess follow-through; helping you spend more time meeting consumer needs and less time doing paperwork.

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