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Company History


Greg Monaco and Paul Beck start Monaco-Beck Incorporated to provide personal computer training and related services. Their first paying job is to create a manual for the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) system for Employment Security in Kansas. Paul and Greg had a shared interest in project management. In addition, Paul's background included system development and computer programming. Greg's background included psychology and research, particularly in the area of developmental disabilities. Paul and Greg worked together as training specialists for the State of Kansas.​


Greg Monaco begins consulting on active treatment and preparing smaller facilities around Kansas for an increased level of scrutiny associated with the Health Care Finance Administration (now known as the Center for Medicare and Medicaid) survey process. In the process, Monaco finds that there is a need at most facilities for staff training on the "basic concepts" of service delivery to people with developmental disabilities. From this comes the idea for a 10-video training series titled Basic Concepts for Teaching People with Developmental Disabilities, which Monaco and his colleague Jim Smith write and produce.​


Paul leaves Monaco-Beck Incorporated. Greg Monaco continues to conduct staff training, now on a national basis due in large measure to the success of the Basic Concepts series of videos. Monaco and Smith develop a second series of staff training videos entitled Basic Concepts II: Challenging Issues in Developmental Disabilities. The name of the organization is changed to Monaco & Associates Incorporated (M&A). Jeanne Tomiser joins M&A in 1990.​ M&A publishes the first edition of Active Treatment Solutions which continues to provide "practical solutions to your active treatment problems" for several years.


Jeanne Tomiser, in addition to other responsibilities, begins work on the design of an electronic record keeping system. She also introduces the Motivation Assessment Scale by V. Mark Durand and Daniel Crimmins to Monaco. The MAS authors are invited to publish the scale and an Administration Guide with M&A. The Motivation Assessment Scale is published and becomes a leading tool in the effort to provide positive behavioral supports to people with disabilities. In preparation for the development of the electronic record-keeping system, M&A creates MASSoftware, an electronic version of the Motivation Assessment Scale for the PC. After several years of anticipation, M&A releases Encompass Service Coordination Software and quickly discovers that another company in a related field has trademarked the name Encompass for their software. The next release of the software is renamed EC2. In 1996, M&A becomes a direct service provider when it begins offering independent service coordination (targeted case management) in Kansas.​


In 1999, M&A releases EC3, a major expansion, upgrade, and redesign of the service coordination software. One aspect of the redesign is that EC3 may be purchased as an annual subscription providing ongoing design improvements to the subscriber. In 2000, M&A develops and begins marketing iMAS, an internet version of the Motivation Assessment Scale Software, and iEC, an internet version of EC3. Independent service coordination, originally conceived as a means to enhance M&A's understanding of the needs of direct service providers, is well accepted by consumers and expands to additional counties in Kansas.​


In 2005, EC3 revision 8 is released, porting EC3 to newer versions of software development platforms to run on the latest operating systems. Greg Monaco returns to Kansas following an extended job assignment with the National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA. Independent service coordination continues to expand, and M&A service coordination staff help spearhead an annual education conference providing state of the art training to area service coordinators. M&A doubles its staff and office space while implementing continuous quality improvement. In 2012, MASSoftware Professional, an expanded and improved version of MASSoftware, is released. The Monaco & Associates website is completely redesigned. The Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health opens for business in northeast Kansas.

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