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Motivation Assessment Scale


The Motivation Assessment Scale (MAS) is designed to help with a language impaired person’s problem behaviors. An understanding of a person’s motivations becomes a guide for interventions, such as restructuring the environment or teaching that person skills for fulfilling personal needs in a more effective and productive way. The emphasis is on understanding, respect, and helping a person successfully negotiate their environment.

Benefits of using the MAS:

  • Allows you to respond effectively to behavior

  • Quickly assesses motivation, i.e., the function of a problem behavior

  • Improves positive behavioral interventions

  • Is research-based, tested, and validated

  • Can easily be administered in educational and institutional settings

  • Has been used by psychologists and teachers since 1988

Motivation Assessment Scale forms & software
Basic Concepts Video Series


The Basic Concepts video series are staff development tools that contain everything professionals need to know to help individuals with disabilities live with independence. The series are used world-wide for group orientation, as training refreshers, and as individualized, self-paced learning tools.

Basic Concepts comprises ten films that address active treatment and habilitation principles, such as Maintaining a Humane Environment, Prompt-Reinforce Sequence, and Dealing with Inappropriate Behavior.

Basic Concepts II comprises eight films that address controversial issues for people with disabilities, such as Self-Determination, Human Sexuality, and Aging.


  • Each DVD averages 12 to 15 minutes in length and is supported by written participant and instructor materials

  • Competence tests are available to enhance transfer of training to the work setting


Videos are available individually or as a complete set.

EC3 Human Services Software


EC3 is person-centered planning software that helps you coordinate services, create custom medication libraries, perform data analysis, manage consumer information (like incident reports, notes, and planning documents), and more. EC3 lets you quickly access and organize important information about people receiving your services, develop plans, and assess follow-through, so you can spend more time meeting consumer needs and less time doing paperwork.

EC3 is designed for people who help others, such as

  • Case managers

  • Residential providers

  • Other service providers

EC3 software home screen
Online Store


In addition to our other products, the Monaco & Associates online store carries a wide selection of books, videos, assessment tools, and more on intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health, and related topics.

Books on IDD, mental health, and psychology
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