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Our Services

Independent Service Coordination


Service Coordinators assist you to assemble the supports needed to lead a fulfilling life through targeted case management.

Targeted Case Management

Monaco and Associates was the first agency in Kansas to offer independent service coordination. We have provided service coordination since 1996 and have grown to serve over 130 individuals with developmental disabilties. We currently affiliate with multiple CDDO's in Northeast Kansas to ensure quality and portability of supports and services.

Our Service Coordinators (sometimes known as case managers) want to make a real difference in the quality of your life or the life of someone you love. Here are some examples of what they have done:

  • Help a young man obtain a medical card to qualify him to receive the therapy he needed.
  • Help a student transition from middle school to high school and qualify for the educational and vocational services to which she is entitled.
  • Help a woman relocate to an apartment and increase her social, employment, and recreational opportunities as well as her physical health and safety.
  • Help a man whose family lives in another state to obtain a creative living arrangement.
  • Help families identify and obtain funding for respite services, psychological services, in-home health care, communication devices, computers, a van-lift and more.
  • Help adults and children bridge the gap between community service agencies.
  • Help individuals identify and obtain services when they move from one county to another.

Center for Cognitive & Behavioral Health


The Center provides Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), positive behavior supports and professional development opportunities.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The Monaco Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health was established in 2012 to provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to community members who want to change the way they think, behave and live.


Positive Behavior Supports


Positive behavior supports involves the development of positive behavior support plans.  The plans will address problematic, maladaptive and dangerous behavior and will seek to replace the behavior with more adaptive, socially appropriate behavior.  Behavior support plans can be developed for children or adults and may or may not be accompanied by concurrent cognitive therapy.






Professional Development and Training

The Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health offers periodic opportunities for professional development workshops.  Working professionals can gain CEU credit for attending the workshops to satisfy training requirements or professional licensure requirements.  Workshop topics range from general to specific in the areas of cognitive therapy and positive behavior supports.  The workshops are open to any interested party but those working in human services and the helping professions would certainly find the information gleaned of use.

Community Awareness

Seeking help for mental or behavioral health issues can be stigmatizing.  The associated stigma may prevent some people who could benefit from cognitive therapy or positive behavior supports from seeking those supports and services.  The Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health seeks to help the community at large better understand and acceptance of mental and behavioral health issues.