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Positive Behavior Supports

​What are Positive Behavior Supports?​

Positive behavior support plans will address problematic, maladaptive, and/or dangerous behavior and will seek to replace the behavior with more adaptive and socially appropriate behavior. Behavior support plans can be developed for children or adults and may or may not be accompanied by cognitive therapy.

Behavior support plans are developed by conducting a functional behavior assessment to determine the underlying motivating function of the behavior. Typically, the person exhibiting the problematic behavior and those who know them well are interviewed in an effort to understand all relevant aspects of the behavior. Data are gathered that detail both the frequency and relative severity of the behavior. A set of procedures is developed to prevent the behavior from occurring by teaching an alternative replacement behavior that satisfies the motivating function. The plan also outlines reactive procedures for addressing the problem behavior when it occurs.

Behavior support plans are reviewed by a psychologist and a clinical social worker for efficacy and technical quality assurance.

​For more information, please contact Dave Skinner:

(800) 798-1309 or (785) 272-5501, x114​

Greg Ditch
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