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The Motivation Assessment Scale

Motivation Assessment Scale forms

The Motivation Assessment Scale is an easy-to-use, research-based tool that determines the function of problem behaviors. These written forms are available in both English and Spanish.

Motivation Assessment Scale software

MASSoftware Professional is the software-enhanced version of the MAS. Features include automated scoring, quick analysis of multiple scales, automatically generated tables & graphs, and more.

Motivation Assessment Scale app

MASnet allows the practitioner to complete the MAS from any web browser, combining the convenience of MASSoftware with the accessibility of the web.

About the Motivation Assessment Scale


The Motivation Assessment Scale (MAS) is designed to help with a language impaired person’s problem behaviors. An understanding of a person’s motivations becomes a guide for interventions, such as restructuring the environment or teaching that person skills for fulfilling personal needs in a more effective and productive way. The emphasis is on understanding, respect, and helping a person successfully negotiate their environment.

Benefits of using the MAS:

  • Allows you to respond effectively to behavior

  • Quickly assesses motivation, i.e., the function of a problem behavior

  • Improves positive behavioral interventions

  • The MAS is research-based, tested, and validated

  • Can easily be administered in educational and institutional settings

  • Has been used by psychologists and teachers since 1988

​Why Motivation Assessment Scale Software?​​


For best results, the authors recommend administering several scales (to multiple raters and/or in multiple settings) to evaluate a single problem behavior. Software versions of the MAS provide quick professional assistance in combining and analyzing scale results, assistance in creating reports, a convenient way to store data, and other features.​

Copyright notice


The Motivation Assessment Scale and The Motivation Assessment Scale (MAS) Administration Guide copyright © 1992 by Monaco & Associates Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction of these works in any form, including digital and electronic transmission, is a violation of United States copyright law and international agreements and is prohibited. If you wish to excerpt any portion of the material for your publication, contact us here.

From the MAS Administration Guide: Why do we need the MAS?


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