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EC3 Human Services Software

EC3 software home screen

EC3 is person-centered planning software that helps you coordinate services, manage consumer information, perform data analysis, and more.

About EC3


EC3 is person-centered planning software that helps you coordinate services, create custom medication libraries, perform data analysis, manage consumer information (like incident reports, notes, and planning documents), and more. EC3 lets you quickly access and organize important information about people receiving your services, develop plans, and assess follow-through, so you can spend more time meeting consumer needs and less time doing paperwork.

EC3 is designed for people who help others, such as

  • case managers

  • residential providers

  • other service providers

Store information at your fingertips...


  • Consumer Profile for contact information, important identifying numbers, guardianship, diagnosis, emergency contact, and much more.

  • Relationships for the important individuals in a consumer's life (e.g. parents, teachers, and doctors).

  • Education for schools attended, teachers, education status, etc.

  • Medications for current and past medications, dosages, etc.​

  • Employment for job descriptions, employers, etc.

  • Notes for progress notes, documentation of contacts, etc.

  • Consumer Forms for documents based on your own templates​.

  • Staff Information including continuing education required and completed.

Create detailed consumer plans...


  • Cover Page displays stored data in a customizable format.

  • Plan Texts are based on templates that you create​.

  • Target Skills and Services help you set up specific measurable objectives and quantitatively document training and progress.

  • Reviews ​provide space to periodically summarize progress.


Create the documentation you need...


  • User Query assists you in getting the data you need in the format you require.

  • EC3's standard report set provides a variety of formats for reporting data stored in EC3.

  • Create your own templates for Plan Texts and Consumer Forms.

Customize EC3 to suit your needs...

  • Add your own frequently used planning objectives to the Skills and Services Wizard.

  • Set preferences to reflect your agency’s policies regarding Notes, Critical Incidents, and many other features.

  • Flexible security options, and many more customizable features.


For a more detailed description of features, see the product details on our order page.

Frequently Asked Questions


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